Pom Poms and Paint was founded by me, Claire, a Mum to 4 boys with a love of everything crafty. I have over 10 years experience supporting children and young people in various roles and have undergone many relevant training courses, including a Level 4 NVQ in Learning and Development Support Services.

I am passionate about empowering children through creative exploration and understand the importance of giving children the opportunity to experience a varied range of activities. Due to my background and my experiences as a Mum,  I have a real focus on enrichment and education and strive to provide your children with the best possible experience while visiting Pom Poms and Paint!

Pom Poms and Paint Aims to: 

  • Create a welcoming, relaxed environment where children (and their grown ups) feel free to explore.
  • Work alongside parents / carers to adapt activities, where necessary, to provide an equal service to all children.
  • Offer creative, meaningful activities that support your child's development.
  • Promote independent self expression.
  • Provide opportunities for children of different ages to create together. 
Pom Poms and Paint have created a flexible space that can be adapted to suit different activities and where all children can investigate and explore.
  • A large part of the workshop is set up for painting. Whether we lay paper down on the floor for printing or stick paper to the walls, this area is flexible and perfect for active little ones. The children have free access to various tools including patterned rollers, shaped fly swatters and squeegees. 
  • 2 multi-purpose tables.
  • 2 tuff trays for group sensory activities.
  • A selection of craft resources with age appropriate materials on a low level, making them accessible to little ones.  
  • We also have a large communal garden where activities can be held, providing opportunities for different play experiences.