The Benefits

Research has shown that, as well as being super fun, arts and craft and sensory activities can support your child's development in various ways. All our activities and equipment are chosen to help develop these skills and encourage your child to explore new things. 

Motor and Coordination Skills - Simple tasks such as using a pair of scissors, holding a paintbrush or using pipettes can help enhance fine motor skills. 

Language Development - When a young child makes something new, they enjoy sharing it with others. Encouraging your child to discuss with you what they have made and how they made it or perhaps different textures, smells and colours will help improve their language skills.

Problem Solving - Asking 'why' and 'how' or being creative early in life can actually make you more resourceful and resilient when you encounter obstacles as an adult. Engaging in activities helps children to imagine possible solutions and find different ways to approach problems. 

Academic Skills - Counting out the correct number of beads, reading the instructions, following recipes, or writing a few words on the project. 

Creativity - Encouraging your child to put their own creative spin on the project or allowing them to determine what colours or materials they choose or how to display the project encourages creative thinking and helps a child feel empowered. 

Emotional Development - Getting crafty or enjoying art and music with your child can be a great shared experience. When we value children's creativity, we value them and this really builds their self-esteem.

Expression - Being creative provides a way for children to show you what’s really important to them right now, even if they don’t quite have the words to tell you. When they’re drawing or making art, encourage your child by asking things like where the line in their picture is going to, or why the person they've drawn is smiling. This technique is called ‘scaffolding’ and helps children feel listened to. It’s also a great way to develop their vocabulary.

Confidence - Making art is a safe way to discover that it’s okay to make mistakes, and that getting things ‘wrong’ can lead to a whole new idea. It gives little ones the confidence to experiment and take risks.

Social Development - When children work together in the art area, they learn to share, to interact with others, to be responsible, and to put materials away. These are positive and important skills for social learning.